The Teaching Tribune {Worksheet Wednesday}

Today’s theme in The Teaching Tribune’s Summer Bloggin’ series is Worksheet Wednesday.

TTT Summer Bloggin-Wednesday


The worksheet I’m sharing is my Differentiating Point of View worksheet.


In elementary school, students are taught to search for the pronouns to determine point of view.  As they get older, dialogue in text can confuse them, so I encourage them to ask the following questions:

1.  Who’s telling the story? 

  • Inside narrator (character):  first person
  • Outside narrator:  third person

2.  How much does the narrator know?

  • Thoughts and feelings of one character?  third person limited (limited-omniscient)
  • Thoughts and feelings of all characters?  third person omniscient

This seems to help them greatly and we hardly get point of view questions wrong, now!

I hope this will be helpful to you.

Until the next time,


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