The Teaching Tribune {Two for Tuesday}

As I said earlier this week, I’m joining up with The Teacher Tribune for their Summer Bloggin’ Series.  Today’s post is entitled…..Two for Tuesday!

TTT Summer Bloggin- Tuesday

I’ve put two of my Interactive Student Notebook products on sale!  I decided to use ISN’s last school year and it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had!  No more loose papers poking out everywhere.  And as long as they can keep up with the notebook, they can keep up with the notebook – they have everything they need! The students love them because it helps with their organization which is desperately needed as they transition to 6th grade.

Product #1 is Interactive Student Notebook Reading Lessons – Curriculum Vocabulary.


This activity is connected with Flocabulary’s “On Trial” video.  The kids love it!  If you’ve never seen it, here’s the video, which can be found on YouTube:

Product #2 is Interactive Student Notebook Reading Lessons – Analyzing Story Elements.



I love Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters!  The illustrations are so vivid and I tie it in with our Cinderella Unit.  I always review story elements at the beginning of the school year since its such a difficult time for our new 6th graders.

I hope that you find one (or both!) of these products useful to you!

Until the next time,