#dcsdtransforms episode 122: Skaris got a new truck

Hey Loyal Listeners!  We missed last week (sorry – chaos of getting our gears going at the start of the school year), but we are back this week with a look back at the 5th annual DCSD Digital Transformation Conference.  It was AWESOME!  Check out this episode for what happened and how it went down.  Great stuff going on in DCSD!  Thanks for listening!

#dcsdtransforms episode 121: YEAR 5!

LOYAL LISTENERS!!! GUESS WHAT? We just started season FIVE of the #dcsdtransforms podcast! Say what?! Can’t believe we’ve been doing this for 5 years, but we are thrilled to have had this opportunity and we hope you will stay with us for another great season of edtech fun! Our first episode is our back to school special. It’s a longer than normal, but we wanted to be sure we started the year off with all the info you will need to be successful this school year. Our next two episodes will also be out of the ordinary as we will be bringing you info from ISTE 2019 and from the 2019 DCSD Digital Transformation Conference. After that we will be back to our regular programming – a tool of the week and spotlighting a teacher in DCSD who is doing some really neat stuff in the classroom. Cheers!

#dcsdtransforms episode 92: ISTE Extravaganza!

Hey Loyal Listeners!  We are back with our first episode of season 4 for us!  In this episode, Carla and Rhett are going to talk about our experience at ISTE 2018 in Chicago.  It was INCREDIBLE!  And what’s even better is that Darlington County School District CRUSHED IT!  In 3 years of attendance, we have gone from an observer to a big force at ISTE.  We had some incredible involvement this year.  Please listen to find out how all we were involved and to hear Carla and Rhett share their biggest takeaways from this year’s conference.  As a bonus, after the show you can hear the presentation Carla and Rhett delivered on podcasting at ISTE!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 85: Oldie, Goodie, Newbie

Welcome back ladies and gents for another super exciting episode of #dcsdtransforms. This week we are highlighting Padlet. BUT BEFORE YOU SAY, “NO WAY, THAT’S OLD NEWS,” please give us a chance. There are some cool updates. We’ll share how one teacher is planning on using it. Our shoutout this week goes to Ebonye Clark at Brunson-Dargan Elementary School. Come join us for the SHORTEST 10 minute edtech conversation we’ve ever done (under 8 minutes!).

#dcsdtransforms Episode 84: Daaaaaaaaaaaannnnng…

Welcome back Loyal Listeners to another great episode of #dcsdtransforms – the best 10 minute edtech conversation you’ll hear all week!  This week we are highlighting a website that is quite useful for converting PDF documents to JPG files.  Why would you want to do that?  Check out the podcast to find out!  Our shoutout this week goes to Charlotte Godwin at HHS – listen to the cool way she is using technology in the science classroom!  Enjoy!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 82: You ready? I’m ready.

Hello and welcome back to another episode of #dcsdtransforms!  This week we are highlighting ReadTheory.org, thanks to the suggestion of Ms. Megan Pearce at DHS.  English and Exceptional Education teachers will definitely want to check out this great tool!  Our shoutout this week goes to Ms. Michelle McCall at HMS for all the cool stuff she is doing with Digital Learning Day.  If you are a visual arts teacher, you will want to hear the cool things Ms. McCall is doing in the classroom!  Thanks for joining us this week!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 81: knock knock…who’s there?

Hello and welcome back to another great episode of #dcsdtransforms – the best 10 minute edtech conversation for teachers you’ll hear all week!  This week we are highlighting Hoopla Kids Lab – which is really targeted toward elementary level science.  Our shout out this week goes to LeVernice Edwards at Darlington Middle School.  Thanks for tuning in – enjoy the show!

#dcsdtransforms episode 80: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Rhett, that’s who.

Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining us this week for our 80th episode of #dcsdtransforms! This week we are honoring the Olympics with some cool 5 minute videos put out by the National Science Foundation on the physics of the Olympics. These are really cool for lessons, bellringers, or maybe just something fun for students to think about during a “fun friday” activity. Click here to go to the NSF’s video playlist on YouTube. Our shoutout this week goes to Jason Oakes at DHS. Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy the show!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 79: Rhett learns command shift v while Carla smacks some gum

Hello Loyal Listeners! We are excited to be back this week with a great show featuring the Play and Learn Science app from PBS Kids. Our shout out this week goes to the amazing Paulette Lunn at Mayo High School. And as a bonus, we get to play a game this week. As you Loyal Listeners know, we include some of our outtakes at the end of every show. This week in addition to the outtakes, I have included a game called “How long can you listen to gum smacking before you stop the podcast?” Yes, Carla will destroy me for this one later as it was her gum smacking that you get the honor of listening to; however, as the editor in chief of the podcast, I get to have a wee bit of fun at my favorite edtech phenom’s expense. Hope you enjoy the episode this week, and post a picture of how long you could listen to the gum smacking before cutting it off!