#BHMChallenge – Week 3

Respecting Differences, The Strength in Feeling Powerless, Documenting your Journey, Improving our Community, Significance in Nobility, Embracing New Experiences, and The Power of Storytelling! Join us in week 3 of the Black History Month Creativity Challenge!  We encourage you to share your creations on social media using the hashtags #BHMChallenge2020, #AppleEduChat, and #EveryoneCanCreate!

#BHMChallenge – Week 2

Entrepreneurship, Finding Your Passion, the Power in Creation, the Passion in Inventing, the Significance of Using your Imagination, Design Thinking, the Fight for the Marginalized!  Join us in week 1 of the Black History Month Creativity Challenge!  We encourage you to share your creations on social media using the hashtags #BHMChallenge2020, #AppleEduChat, and #EveryoneCanCreate!

#BHMChallenge 2020 – Week 1

A love of STEM, Changing Your Community, the Power of Perseverance,  the Gift of Music, the Power of Relationships, Fighting the Unjust Law, and Building your own Way.   Join us in week 1 of the Black History Month Creativity Challenge!  We encourage you to share your creations on social media using the hastags #BHMChallenge2020, #AppleEduChat, and #EveryoneCanCreate!

Join Us for the 2020 Black History Month Creativity Challenge!

Join fellow Apple Distinguished Educators and myself with the Black History Month Creativity Challenge.  Our passion is creativity with content in the classroom and how iPad can transform teaching and learning in your learning spaces.  Each day there is a different challenge that encourages you to engage with iPad (or iPhone) and Apple tools in a way that promotes the 4Cs and 21st Century Learning.  Share your creations on social media using the following hashtags – #BHMChallenge2020 #AppleEDUChat #EveryoneCanCreate

Can’t wait to see what you and your students create!


#dcsdtransforms episode 122: Skaris got a new truck

Hey Loyal Listeners!  We missed last week (sorry – chaos of getting our gears going at the start of the school year), but we are back this week with a look back at the 5th annual DCSD Digital Transformation Conference.  It was AWESOME!  Check out this episode for what happened and how it went down.  Great stuff going on in DCSD!  Thanks for listening!

#dcsdtransforms episode 121: YEAR 5!

LOYAL LISTENERS!!! GUESS WHAT? We just started season FIVE of the #dcsdtransforms podcast! Say what?! Can’t believe we’ve been doing this for 5 years, but we are thrilled to have had this opportunity and we hope you will stay with us for another great season of edtech fun! Our first episode is our back to school special. It’s a longer than normal, but we wanted to be sure we started the year off with all the info you will need to be successful this school year. Our next two episodes will also be out of the ordinary as we will be bringing you info from ISTE 2019 and from the 2019 DCSD Digital Transformation Conference. After that we will be back to our regular programming – a tool of the week and spotlighting a teacher in DCSD who is doing some really neat stuff in the classroom. Cheers!

TED Talk Thursday – Pearl Arredondo’s “My Story From Gangland Daughter to Star Teacher”

My good friend, Ken Shelton, shares an experience about a student who was consistently late to his first period class because he had been tasked with getting his younger siblings to school every day.  He laid out and ironed their clothes, fed them breakfast, and got them on the bus; all before heading to school himself.  His first period teacher was asked to just have a conversation about his tardiness, hoping to promote an honest discussion and maybe a workaround.  Her response amounted to her refusing to even initiate a discussion and saying that his failing her class would teach him the importance of being responsible….


Like really??

If you’ve never seen this video, I encourage you to watch.  And if you already have, watch again.  Either way, let me hear your thoughts.

Until the next time,

TED Talk Spotlight – Rita Pierson’s “Every Kid Needs a Champion”

I could watch Rita Pierson’s video over and over again, because it resonates deep within me and my inner belief that relationships is a game changer in building relationships.    If you’ve never watched this video, it’s a must see.  If you’ve watched it before – watch it again.  Either way, let me know your thoughts.


Until the next time,

#dcsdtransforms episode 92: ISTE Extravaganza!

Hey Loyal Listeners!  We are back with our first episode of season 4 for us!  In this episode, Carla and Rhett are going to talk about our experience at ISTE 2018 in Chicago.  It was INCREDIBLE!  And what’s even better is that Darlington County School District CRUSHED IT!  In 3 years of attendance, we have gone from an observer to a big force at ISTE.  We had some incredible involvement this year.  Please listen to find out how all we were involved and to hear Carla and Rhett share their biggest takeaways from this year’s conference.  As a bonus, after the show you can hear the presentation Carla and Rhett delivered on podcasting at ISTE!