#dcsdtransforms episode 121: YEAR 5!

LOYAL LISTENERS!!! GUESS WHAT? We just started season FIVE of the #dcsdtransforms podcast! Say what?! Can’t believe we’ve been doing this for 5 years, but we are thrilled to have had this opportunity and we hope you will stay with us for another great season of edtech fun! Our first episode is our back to school special. It’s a longer than normal, but we wanted to be sure we started the year off with all the info you will need to be successful this school year. Our next two episodes will also be out of the ordinary as we will be bringing you info from ISTE 2019 and from the 2019 DCSD Digital Transformation Conference. After that we will be back to our regular programming – a tool of the week and spotlighting a teacher in DCSD who is doing some really neat stuff in the classroom. Cheers!

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