It’s Official….iTEL Pilot…..Initiated!

I am like a kid in a candy store……happier than a pig in mud…..happy as a clam at high tide….you get the idioms, right?  I am unbelievably excited!  Our iTel pilot has been approved by the board, 1,400 iPads arrived to our district Tech office on Monday, and we had our iTEL kick off!  Whoop Whoop!

Members of the iTEL pilot

Members of the iTEL pilot


As an instructor I received an iPad 4 with 64 gigs and 4G capabilities……oh man!  You should have seen me dancing around when I realized it!  Every teacher in the pilot received an iPad 4 with survivor case, MacBook Pro, wireless keyboard, and the dongle.

2013-05-20 08.29.40

My gift packet! 🙂


The only downer on the event was that my partners were unable to come to the kick-off. 🙁  We’re a very small school and we just don’t have the staff to cover the entire sixth grade team.  So I took a picture of their gift packets to make them feel better.  It didn’t work, though!

2013-05-20 09.59.29


Now comes the hard part.  Two grueling weeks of a graduate course, which I’m only partially prepared for….and then the real challenge – integrating this awesome technology with our students as we embark on our Common Core challenge as well.  Do you smell my fear?  I am terrified.  I’ve been researching everywhere to get ideas as well as try to figure out how to get e-books on those devices for cheap!  If you have any ideas, I will be more than willing to accept them.

Our graduate course will focus around personalized learning in addition to learning how to use various apps with the iPad, so we think that’s imperative that we combine those two and provide as many examples as possible.  I created an Xtranormal video that teachers will have to respond to around day 3 of the course and I would love your feedback.

iTEL pilot
by: mrsjeff

Well, wish us luck!

Until the next time,


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