Goodbye Google Photos!

Guilty As Charged

I’m definitely guilty of it.  It’s so easy to just go to, find the picture you want and download it.  And we know it’s wrong – we as adults know it’s wrong.  But in our speed race lives, it’s easier to go with it.

Who’s what you need to know:

  • Google Images is not a good option. Most images are protected by copyright (and the advanced search filter to find images available for reuse can be complicated).  You can be prosecuted for using images that are protected by copyright.

But, what if I told you that there are resources to use that are just as easy as using Google Photos?  And legal?!

Classroom Resources

Below you’ll find resources that have been shared to me through Kathleen Morris that will provide a snapshot of what some of the more popular sites do and do not offer.

Most of these websites are simple to use, because they don’t require attribution (citing where the work came from).  The only exception is Photos for Class, but the instructions on how to do that is on the site!

So basically you will just need to know how to search for an image, save it, and add it to your work.

Task Cards

1. Task Card for Students Under 13

This document walks your younger students through the process of finding an image on Photos for Class and openclipart.

I am so thankful for Kathleen who provided  two printables for your classroom. You can print these off as handouts, place them on the wall as posters, embed them into your class website, or add them to your Schoology course.


2. Poster for Older Students and Teachers

This document references the five sites that are useful for 13+ students (remembering Pixabay requires permission for users aged 13-18).


Next Steps

I encourage you to start using the resources in the post so that we can stay above the reaches of the law. 🙂  Let me know how things go! And if you’re interested in learning more, check out Kathleen’s full blog post here.

Until the next time,

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