#dcsdtransforms Episode 79: Rhett learns command shift v while Carla smacks some gum

Hello Loyal Listeners! We are excited to be back this week with a great show featuring the Play and Learn Science app from PBS Kids. Our shout out this week goes to the amazing Paulette Lunn at Mayo High School. And as a bonus, we get to play a game this week. As you Loyal Listeners know, we include some of our outtakes at the end of every show. This week in addition to the outtakes, I have included a game called “How long can you listen to gum smacking before you stop the podcast?” Yes, Carla will destroy me for this one later as it was her gum smacking that you get the honor of listening to; however, as the editor in chief of the podcast, I get to have a wee bit of fun at my favorite edtech phenom’s expense. Hope you enjoy the episode this week, and post a picture of how long you could listen to the gum smacking before cutting it off!

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