April Currently

Yes, it’s 12:51 and I have no business being up!  Yes, I’m on Spring Break, but I still need to be asleep.  But I had wunnerful, wunnerful day with my family today yesterday, and after a great meal, I took a loooong nap.

So now I’m awake and I’m hungry but DH fell asleep on the couch watching basketball and I don’t want to wake him – because he does have to go to work tomorrow!

I was thinking that maybe I could sneak down and grab something out of the fridge to snack on – but then I thought to myself, “Well, Let’s see what Farley‘s up to?”  And low and behold her currently for April was already up and running.  So here goes…..

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Until the next time!
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    • Halfway through and I have a few things accomplished! Today is house day…..I promise….maybe? At least DH can say he’s received a home cooked meal every day this week! I’m sure my stove and oven were ecstatic!

    • I am so in love with Twilight! I bought the audio for Eclipse, because I knew I had an out of town meeting to attend, and I couldn’t bear to miss reading it!

      Are you back to the “regularly scheduled program” with your sleep patterns, yet? 🙂

  1. OOh naps are SO good. Until they keep you up late. I hope you had a lovely spring break.

    I read all of the Twilight series and then made my husband listen to it during our cross country road trip several years back. We rented them from Cracker Barrel though rather than buying the CDs. Love that program!

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