I have been seeing the montly “Currently” post around blogs but I had no idea how to do it.  So thanks to Oh’ Boy 4th Grade and The Teacher’s Cauldron, I finally figured it out.  Since, I’ve just done my Vistaprint post (find it here), I won’t retype everything that I ordered.  But know that it is the highlight of my week!  So here’s my August “Currently”!

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  1. What?! Pinterest doesn’t count?!
    Well, that is news to me!
    (Shouldn’t we get PD credit for looking and thinking?)
    So glad I found your blog (YAY for sixth grade blogs!)
    I’ll “follow” you in spirit since Edublogs doesn’t seem to have a follower box…

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade<

    • Kim,
      I feel the exact same way about Pinterest! But not sure how my principal would react if he read my lesson plans and the they just had pictures of pins all over it….

      Thanks for stopping by – and although you can’t “follow” you could always “subscribe”….


    • I will definitely show it….if I can find one. Our Lowe’s is sorely lacking. I would love to hear about your storage idea!


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