#dcsdtransforms episode 69: Rhett finally cued the music!

Welcome back for another wonderful episode of #dcsdtransforms!  This week we are showcasing Xtra Math which is a great supplemental free tool to help students with the basic math skills.  Our shoutout this week goes to Laquetta Johnson of Pate Elementary School because, well, she is simply amazing and our district’s teacher of the year!

#dcsdtransforms episode 68: Words is hard

Hello everyone and welcome back for another edition of #dcsdtransforms – the best 10 minutes edtech conversation for teachers you’ll hear all week!  This week, we are featuring Apple Classroom. This is a wonderful addition to the iPads for teachers.  So if you are teaching with a class full of iPads, be sure to check it out!  Our shout outs this week go to Debra Wallace at DHS and Ada Sindab at BDE.  And please excuse us.  We tried podcasting at 5:00 pm, so we were definitely on the struggle bus…words is hard.

#dcsdtransforms episode 67: Carla takes a call

Hello! Welcome to the 67th edition of #dcsdtransforms!  The best 10 minute edtech conversation for teachers you’ll hear all week!  In this episode, we are highlighting a cool tool called “Mega Seating Plan” (click here for more about it).  We are also spotlighting the teachers at NHE and SMS for jumping all over the digital citizenship lessons for students!  Way to go!  Thank you for joining us!