#dcsdtransforms episode 31: We have a second season?!

We are back with our weekly podcast series bringing you THE BEST 10 minute edtech conversation you’ll hear all week!  Can you believe we can now say we are now in season 2 of our podcast?  And that is all thanks to YOU, our loyal listeners!  Thank you for making this possible!  To start off our the first of our typical podcasts for the new school year, we are highlighting a couple of cool tools: Brain Pop and Schoology.  We have a bunch of people to give shout outs to, so please listen to see if you are one of them!  Hope you enjoy it!


#dcsdtransforms episode 30: The Back to School Bonanza

Hello and welcome back to another wonderful school year! Apologies for this episode being a week late, and more apologies for its 42 minutes in length but we have lots of cool things to cover! In this episode, we are going to cover some all important topics to help you get your year started off the right way. We will examine the fundamental tech tools you want to use in your classroom, where to go and who to call upon to get help when your tech isn’t working right, suggestions for spending your $275 supply check, and finally professional development opportunities in the district. There are even some shout outs thrown in to start the year – listen to see if your name is shouted out! Have a great year everyone!!!