A Few of My Favorite Things

YAKit and Quizlet Book Creator and Raz-Kids
Canva, Schoology, and Google and Quizizz
All the excitement that Chatterpix brings
These are a few of my favorite things!

In SC, our teachers have to have a reading certification by 2020. Teachers who have elementary and special education certification have to take four reading courses and everyone else has one course that will need to taken. Today I shared with a group of middle school and especial education teachers my favorite reading, writing, and creating tools. I thought I’d also share them with you.


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#dcsdtransforms Episode 28 – The New Year In Review

OH NOOOOO!!!!! This is it folks! The last #dcsdtransforms podcast of the school year (minus a couple of special editions at tech conferences this summer). So we decided to take a trip down memory lane and highlight all the amazing transformations that have taken place this school year. We give shoutouts to some special groups of people. THANK YOU, our loyal listeners for being just that…loyal listeners. It is because of you that we continue this podcast. We look forward to what 2016-17 has in store for DCSD! Cheers!