#dcsdtransforms episode 16: The Flu Edition

Join Carla from DCSD and Rhett from his kitchen (because he has the flu) for this week’s episode of #dcsdtransforms: The Flu Edition. We have some cool apps this week with Nearpod and PhotoBooth. Shoutouts go to the incredible Charissa Lannan of MHS and talented Alan Poole of LHS. Also, you are in for a special treat as Rhett and Carla discuss all things flu related. Please join us for some fun with edtech this week!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 15

This is a long episode folks, BUT! we have some amazing info for you. First, find out more about flipping your classroom using Quicktime and EdPuzzle. QuickTime GREATLY simplifies your video making ability, and EdPuzzle gives you control over your students’ learning. We have shoutouts going to April McPherson of HMS and Bert Sandifer of the DCIT. Finally, we have our reminders, and we want to STRONGLY encourage you to listen to the part about the Upstate Technology Conference that will be July 12 and 13. Click here for more information about the conference.

#dcsdtransforms Episode 14

Welcome to another great edition of #dcsdtransforms! In this episode, you will hear about how PBS’s revamped website can help you in the classroom – some really great functionality for teachers. Also learn a “pro tip” about using ActivInspire in your class for your daily plans. Shout outs this week go to Kimberly Hamilton of HMS and Kim McLellan of DMS. Also, you will get to hear the third installment from Dr. Ingram as he talks about some of his favorite tech tools.

#dcsdtransforms Episode 13

Welcome to another wonderful edition of #dcsdtransforms! In this episode, you’ll hear about some really cool Google Add-ons (Docs to Forms and Lorem Generator). Teacher shout-outs go to Hanna Hanlin and Emily Lunn of PES and Alphine Bradley of LHS. Last, find out how Radiohead helped set a model for app pricing today.