Student Created Content

Book Review Tellagami

Many people ask me about where my videos come from and if I pull from other places. I’d spent years on perfecting Promethean flipcharts that I was determined would not go to waste. It was so easy for me to take those flipcharts and turn them into screencasts. I prefer using my own videos, because the kids like to hear my voice and I know that the content that I’m presenting contains ALL of the content that they need.  I love Flocabulary, so I use their videos for my vocabulary units and sometimes I do use Learnzillion videos, but the majority of the content that my students access are created by me.

I’m all for student creation….all for it! I think that when students create it shows that they have mastered the content shared. I love when they create because it takes them to a higher levels of Blooms.

In my classroom, students create things like Visual Vocabulary Videos, Book Reviews, and Digital Booktalks – but I’ve yet to have them create content that I would use for instruction.

ELA content is just so complex, right now I don’t think my 6th graders are mature enough to handle it. Plus, I have to continuously make them review their work for careless mistakes, I don’t think I want the hassle.

I have had students create videos that highlight key concepts and they’ve done great with that; but I’m also very particular and maybe just a tiny bit “controlling”?

Maybe I’ll get there – but it would have to be very detailed and thought out.

What are you thoughts? Student Created Content or nah?

Until the next time,