Give Me 1….2…..3! {20 Day Blogging Challenge}

student hand

Picture this:  You’re in the middle of a direct instruction lesson.  As you’re teaching your heart out…..working you’re butt off you look to see a student raise their hand in the air.  You think, “Yes!  An inquisitive student wants to expound more on what I’m saying!”…..only to have the student ask, “Can I got to the bathroom?” *spfizzzz* (That’s the sound of the balloon in your chest deflating…..)

In order to save myself from that heart breaking experience ever again, I found the perfect management tool.  Students raise a certain finger to ask a certain question.  That way at a glance I can address it – sometimes without even speaking!

Now of course you know that nothing is ever “brand new” anymore, I found this as I was perusing my favorite playground….the internet.  But I’ve tweaked it to make it my own for my classroom.

1 finger – Pencil Issues (need one, sharpen, eraser)

2 fingers – Classroom movement (Get a book, blow my nose, hand sanitizer)

2 fingers crossed – Bathroom (Don’t you think that’s cute?  Like you cross your legs when you have to go really bad.

3 fingers – I need help with my work.

I have the signs posted onto the wall in the front, and students also have a copy glued into their ISN.



Like I said, no more heart break for me! What management tool do you use to find out what your students need?

Until the next time,BCbutton