A Bloglovin’ Giveaway Linky Party


By this time, I’m sure that most people realize the Google Reader is going away. I’ve said it….all my bloggy buddies have said it….it’s going…..going….and on July 1 it will be gone!

Collaboration Cuties is hosting a Bloglovin’ giveaway linky party and the blogosphere is giving out a ton of gifts! Well, I’m jumping on the bandwagon as well.

I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card! And who couldn’t use an Amazon gift card?



Just a few reminders…..

1. If you haven’t already, you can create your Bloglovin’ account here

2. If you would like to import your Google Reader blogs, click here

3.  Make sure you leave me your bloglovin’ user name as well as your email address so that I can award the prize!


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I’m Lovin’ Bloglovin {Linky Party}

I blog through Edublogs and I have always been jealous of my “Blogger” bloggy friends because of the Google Reader widget.  But if you haven’t heard (I’m totally sure you have), Google Reader is going away and if you want to save your favorite bloggers you better do it now!

The wonderful site that has taken it’s place is Bloglovin’!  And I’m lovin’ some Bloglovin’! He He!  It will allow you to import all of your Google Reader blogs..totally easy peasy….I’ve already joined so if you haven’t clicked on that cute little Bloglovin’ widget on the right you may do so right now!  If you are already one of my Bloglovin’ followers thanks a heap!

To follow me you can click right here! 🙂
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Tori’s Teacher Tips is having a Bloglovin’ Blog Hop!  How cool is that?


bloglovin' blog hop

If you click on the image above, Tori will give you a tutorial on how to create your Bloglovin’ account and you might find a new exciting blog to follow!  Tori is also giving out a prize a day to her bloglovin’ followers.  So if you have the time, head on over right now and check her out!

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