We’re Quadblogging!

Quadblogging is an idea that was created by David Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell thought that it would be a great way to connect and learn more about different classroom and cultures. Here is the concept:

This year our class will be participating in a quadblogging project with three other classes that are completely different. Here are our quadblogging buddies:

Mrs. Harvey: Blogging Along

Mr. Hopper: Class 9, Sheffield

Mr. Hearn: Moreland: Federation Year 6, Bath

Mrs. Jefferson: Mrs. J’s Tigers, USA

We will spend a week with each blog, visiting, commenting, and knocking down those classroom walls. I hope that you’re as excited as I am!


Career Day 2012

In conclusion of GEAR Up! Week we had Career Day today. Classes were visited by four guests who discussed their careers. Our class was visited by:

Mr. Weaver – a Sonoco Logistics Specialist

Reverend. Parnell – a minister and prison chaplain

Police Chief, Fire Marshall Braddock, and Lt. Shoemaker – Darlington County Fire Department

Staff Sgt. Benjamin – Military Recruiter and Policeman and Career Counselor

The students did a wonderful job paying attention and asked thoughtful and insightful questions! See our Career Day slide show presentation below.

Getting Down to Business


It’s starting….14 days before the kiddies come, and I better get busy! For the past two years I have had two classrooms, but haven’t done much with room #2. During the Transition camp tour it was called the party room, because the only thing  I’ve done in it is had my “Jefferson’s Jams”. This year I have plans….BIG PLANS I SAY! I’m turning that room into a true Literacy Lounge. My classroom library will be over there, in addition to small group set-ups.


Yesterday I unpacked boxes and boxes of books and still have more! Today I will have help. Hopefully I will leave feeling some sense of accomplishment AND my sanity!

Wish me luck! 🙂

Hi! My name is Carla….and I’m An Addict!

It’s official…I am a Vistaprint addict!  I have been using this website for the past two years but only minimally.  My first purchase were postcards to I send home to parents in the mail about how well their child was doing in class.

Positive Contact Postcards


At our school, we are required to make 5 positive contacts monthly – and Vistaprint made it a breeze!

This year, our sixth grade team of teachers decided to create AA (Advisor/Advisee/Homeroom) teams focusing on our college mascots.  We definitely want to make sure our students know that our goal is for them tograduatefrom college.  So we made banners that focused on our team mascots.

Team Banner

After that, I just lost it!  I have created magnets for parents, positive contact business cards, and rubber stamps – and I’m not finished yet!  The best thing about all of these items is that the majority of them are free!  That’s right, I said it, FREE!  I did pay $5 for the banner and you have to pay shipping for the items.  But let me break it down for you.  In my last order I paid $20 for the banner, 250 business cards, 25 post-it notes, 25 magnets, and a small rubber stamp!!!

Agenda Stamp



Contact Magnet

Positive Contact Card

Drop on over to Vistaprint…you’ll be glad you did!

Newbie Bloggers Hop (A Linky Party!)

I found this linky party on Hodges Herald .   Grade Three is the Place for Me is hosting a newbie blogger hop.  I’m not a “newbie” blogger, but this personal, reflective blog is new and I’m always interested in building new relationships, so what a wonderful idea!

Interested in making new connections?  Here’s how to participate:

1.  Post about his linky party on your blog

2.  Answer these five questions

3.  Think about visiting the other blogs on the post

1. What state are you in?

South Carolina

2.  What is your current teaching position?

6th grade ELA

3. What is your teaching experience?

I am embarking on my 15th year – 5 years in 6th grade 5 years in 8th grade, 1 year as a Curriculum Facilitator, 3 years as a Exceptional Education Facilitator

4. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2010 with my classroom webisite:  Mrs. Jefferson’s Classroom.  My new personal, reflective blog, Surviving Sixth Grade, is not quite a week old! 🙂

5. Share a blogging tip / blogging resource.

Make connections by following other blogs, commenting on posts, following them on Twitter, etc!  Make your prescence known in the blogosphere!

Sixth Grade Transition Academy

Let me just say it right now – I LOVE my principal!  He is kind, supportive, intelligent, and always wants to do wants to do what’s best for children.  My principal is a super hero!  He protects his staff from dangers that we don’t even see.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my principal!  Now what does that have to do with my post?  I’ll tell you.

I have spent 14 out of my 15 years of education in middle school.  I love it!  In both districts that I’ve worked with, 6th grade is a part of the middle school concept.  I recognize the challenges that come with moving from elementary to middle school:  lockers *gasp*, changing classes *gasp*, and keeping up with all the materials that their six teachers give them *scream*!   Last year we had a bad as all get out slightly challenging group.  They were very imature and couldn’t keep up with a single, solitary thing!  Hence the idea of a transition camp.  What better idea could we have then to bring them in for a few days, let them meet their teachers, practice their schedule, and work with their locker?.  It would give us some time to talk about organization as well as introduce them to school and classroom expectations before the “upperclassmen” got there.

My principal was on board from the very  beginning.  We told him we would volunteer our time, make do with whatever we had, to get to show on the road.  He told us he would make it happen – and boy did he ever.  Our students will receive a great bulk of the materials they will need for their core classes (binders, pocket folders, tab dividers, and paper), lunch and a snack, a T-shirt, and he is providing transportation!

Transition Academy School Supplies

We are so freaking excited!  One of my team teachers and I went shoppping today for some of the materials that we could cheaper by going directly to the store and the others were over the internet.  It is our hope that the camp will alleviate some of the anxiety felt by students and parents over their big jump to middle school.  Stay tuned to hear how everything goes…

I would love to hear of anyone else who has done something similiar.  Drop a few pearls of wisdom my way…. 🙂