Beginning CAFE….or rather…CRAFT

Getting the idea from Kristen at Ladybug’s Teacher Files, I decided to go with the CRAFT idea using the two sister’s CAFE model. Craft is just so relevant to middle school students and I loved her CRAFT board layout. After two trips to Hobby Lobby (I left my first order of bulletin board fabric in my god-daughter’s car) and much walking back and forth for laminating and cutting, my CRAFT board is finally up!

CRAFT Board….Thanks Kristen! ūüôā

On yesterday, my students were allowed to pick books that they thought they would like to read. Today, we reviewed how to find “Good Fit Books” using the I PICK method. We also discussed using the 5 finger method to determine whether books were too hard, too easy, or just right. I had students use the books that they had chosen on yesterday to practice. They did a fabulous job!


Now that they have books that they would like to read, tomorrow begins the real test…..Read To Self!

Wish me luck!




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To Daily 5 or not to Daily 5? That Is The Question….

Last summer I began to see tweets using the Daily5 hastag (#Daily5) and hear about teachers discussing the implementation of the CAFE model. ¬†I had been looking for a program that would help me improve my student’s reading skills, so I immediately purchased both books……and then thought nothing else of it. ¬†About mid way in the school year, I began to work with small groups in a way that seemed beneficial. ¬†Most of the work assigned to students working independently was on the computer – and I was fine¬†semi-ok with that, but I felt like there were other more activities that the students could be completing that would also be beneficial. ¬†Besides, it takes some time before the students¬†(well actually I) became comfortable with using the netbooks independently and I wanted activities that I could begin right away while I was conferencing with students and/or groups.

I was also disatisfied with my independent reading program. ¬†Many of my students were not reading, they were just going through the motions and by the end of the year I just wanted the fakers to be quiet so that the one’s who wanted to read – actually could without their disruptions. ¬†But, I knew that the fakers were the ones who really needed to be reading – I just couldn’t reach them.

Insert the Daily Five.  This summer, I opened my Kindle app on my iPad and actually began reading The Daily Five.  Voila!   Here was a program thaat I could implement on Day One that was composed of all the components that are essential to students being successful as proficient readers.

I truly feel that the concept of the Daily 5 is what I need, although there are a few obstacles I need to overcome.  One:  I only have a 60 minute block to teach reading and writing skills.  Two:  I will have aproximately 100 students total this year.  I have found resources that support a 60 minute block and have begun pulling resources to support what will probably look like the Daily 2 or 3.

Students will rotate between Read to Self (Daily), Word Work, Work on Writing, and possibly Listen to Reading. ¬†I have purchased Composition Notebooks, which will be where they will complete their Daily 2 or 3 assignments, I think…..

Daily 5 Notebooks

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on each section of the Daily 5 2 or 3¬†implementation….