Clipspiration: Quick Clips to Inspire Creativity in the Classroom

As a part of my Apple Distinguished Educator experience, I was fortuitous enough to join the Clipspiration team.  This team focuses on the Clips app (created by Apple) and offers quick and easy ways various tools can be incorporated in the classroom.  Clips is a free app that lets you make fun videos to share with others.  I really like it because it has the Live Titles feature, which lets you create captions and title – just by talking.  As you talk, text automatically appears perfectly synced with your voice (like close captioning).

My most recent Clips contribution focused on one of my most favorite activities “Visual Vocabulary”.  In 2013, The New York Times launched its now annual Visual Vocabulary Student Contest.  That year, I had my students create these vocabulary videos based on our word banks.

This Clipsiration example highlights the why and how PLUS my favorite clip ever!

What are other vocabulary activities you complete with students to assist with mastery?

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