#dcsdtransforms episode 64: ISTE 2017

Hello Everyone and thank you for coming back and listening to the best 10 minute edtech conversation you’ll hear all week…only in this case, it’s 42 minutes and the best you’ll hear all summer!  This episode will bring you highlights from ISTE 2017 as told through the experiences of Diane Sigmon, Carla Jefferson, Josh Bastean, Hanna Hanlin, Matthew Ferguson, Diane Rivers, and Rhett Hughes.  First, Carla will tell you a little bit about ISTE and what it is like, and then we will explore 3 ideas:

  1. What one word would you use to describe your experience?
  2. What was your favorite thing about ISTE?
  3. Describe any big takeaways from any of the things you experienced.

Hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for listening!

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