#dcsdtransforms episode 62: The soothing sound of a camper furnace going bad

Hey Loyal Listeners!  Welcome back to another great episode of #dcsdtransforms. This week we are highlighting a blog post by Catlin Tucker about having your students email their parents when they are not turning in work or failing the class. Mrs. Tucker is a fantastic educator who works hard not only for her own students, but also producing media for teachers everywhere so that we might benefit from strategies and technology that she uses in the classroom. Click here for a link to the blog post to read more.  Our shout out this week goes to Stacey Bannister at North Hartsville Elementary.  Thanks for joining us!  Only a few more episodes left this school year!

#dcsdtransforms episode 61: We are on the struggle bus

Hey Loyal Listeners!  Thank you for tuning in this week for another great episode of #dcsdtransforms! This week, we are highlighting a blog post called “The ultimate edtech chart for teachers and educators”.  Listen to the show and then click here to learn more about it.  Our shoutout goes to Donna Barrett, the principal of Carolina Elementary School!  She is doing great thing to encourage teachers to experiment and stretch themselves with their use of technology in the classroom.  And please forgive us for this week’s episode…we were really on the struggle bus.  Check out the outtakes to see what I mean!