#dcsdtransforms episode 60: Carla is hungry

Thank you for joining us this week for a fantabulous episode of #dcsdtransforms.  This week we are highlighting a blog post by Jennifer Gonzalez, who is the author of the blog the Cult of Pedagogy which is dedicated to best practices in education.  She is wonderful and offers lots of practical advice for teachers for implementing different teaching strategies, including lots of great stuff on technology. We are looking at one particular blog post called “Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism“.  In the tech age that we are in, access to information is easy, and so our job as teachers to help students with plagiarism is ever more important (and difficult).  Please click the title of the post above to read the 5 strategies she offers to help you in your classroom.  Also, you may want to subscribe to her blog (click the link above and check out the great stuff she highlights on her blog and subscribe!  Our shout out goes to Elizabeth Thompson at MHS for the really cool idea she had using iBooks Author with her students!  Cheers, and enjoy the show!

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