#dcsdtransforms episode 58: CARLA IS AN APPLE DISTINGUISHED EDUCATOR!!!!

YES!  You read that correctly!  Carla is an ADE!  For those that don’t know much about it, this is one of the most sought-after recognitions in the edtech world, and in the education world in general.  It is the highest certification Apple can give a teacher.  Please take a moment to send her a congratulations email if you can!  Aside from this amazing news, we also have our usual tool and shout out to share with you.  The tool this week is highlighting one aspect of Quizlet called Quizlet Live which is a neat tool that lets you take the lessons you’ve done in Quizlet and put students in competition (on teams) with each other.  Students learn to work collaboratively and have more motivation with the competitive nature of Quizlet Live.  Our shout out goes to Suzie Goodwin of Brockington Elementary for her creative use of Pic Collage for vocabulary lessons!  This is a vocab intensive episode for sure!  Thanks for listening!

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