#dcsdtransforms episode 50: The Fantastic Fifty!

OH NO!  So sorry, loyal listeners! We were doing really well with getting our episode lengths so close to 10 minutes, and then poof! We went and shattered the longest episode mark by 15 minutes! But we have good news for you – while it may be long, we think you are really going to enjoy this episode. This week, Carla and I have the privilege of sitting down with some amazing people in DCSD so that they could share their thoughts with us. We have Mr. Josh Bastean, one of the instructional technology specialists, Mrs. Diane Sigmon, the director of technology, and Dr. Eddie Ingram, our superintendent. Together, they will be sharing their thoughts with where we have been over the last year and a half (the time it took us to reach 50 episodes) and where we are going with regard to technology in the district. We also have a shoutout to Heather Dyar at DHS.  Please join us this week for a great conversation!

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