#dcsdtransforms episode 53: Remember to attach documents to Schoology assignments

Hello Everyone and thank you for joining us this week for another sub 15 minute episode!  That’s right, Carla and I are really getting this time thing down when we put our minds to it.  This week we are going to share a bit about Google Slides new feature that allows you to insert video from Google Drive (instead of only from youtube.  Our shoutout this week goes to Julie Hanlin and Michelle Grantham at Carolina Elementary School for their work with BreakoutEDU!  Hope you enjoy the show!

#dcsdtransforms episode 52: The First 10 Minute Episode!

OK, OK, OK, so it is a 1/2 truth for all those that are looking at the time. Sure, it shows up at 11 minutes and 15 seconds, but the actual time for the discussion of the podcast (removing outtakes, intro, etc) is actually 9 minutes and 54 seconds! We did it loyal listeners! And we couldn’t have done that without your support and relentless sarcasm about how long our episodes are, so for that, we thank you! In all seriousness, we are trying to be more respectful of your time, so hopefully you will stay with us for years to come! This week, we are highlighting the Grammarly extension in Chrome – a super useful spelling and grammar checker for those things you do online that don’t have a good spelling / grammar checker built in (like Schoology, for example). Our shout out this week goes to Paula Alvarez from HHS for the neat things she is doing with makerspaces. Hope you can join us this week!

#dcsdtransforms episode 51: Carla gets bifocals and Rhett wins Dad of the Year

Hello, Wonderful Listeners! Thanks for tuning in for another episode of #dcsdtransforms – the best 10-minute edtech conversation you’ll hear all week! This week we are highlighting Know Recorder (click here to learn more). It’s a great white board app for your iPad to record, annotate, and share lessons with your students and colleagues. Our shout-out this week goes to Janet Davis at Thornwell School for the Arts because she is blogging with her SECOND GRADERS!!! Wow! And in the out-takes, you’ll learn all about Carla getting bifocals and Rhett’s “Dad of the Year” award. Hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and thanks for listening!

#dcsdtransforms episode 50: The Fantastic Fifty!

OH NO!  So sorry, loyal listeners! We were doing really well with getting our episode lengths so close to 10 minutes, and then poof! We went and shattered the longest episode mark by 15 minutes! But we have good news for you – while it may be long, we think you are really going to enjoy this episode. This week, Carla and I have the privilege of sitting down with some amazing people in DCSD so that they could share their thoughts with us. We have Mr. Josh Bastean, one of the instructional technology specialists, Mrs. Diane Sigmon, the director of technology, and Dr. Eddie Ingram, our superintendent. Together, they will be sharing their thoughts with where we have been over the last year and a half (the time it took us to reach 50 episodes) and where we are going with regard to technology in the district. We also have a shoutout to Heather Dyar at DHS.  Please join us this week for a great conversation!