#dcsdtransforms episode 36: Highlights from the second annual digital transformation conference!

Hello everyone! Boy, do we have an episode for you! All 47 minutes of it! While we know this is a long episode, we just barely scratched the surface with all the amazing things happening at this year’s conference. We encourage you to listen to it if you didn’t go because you’ll get a sampling of all the cool stuff going on. And if you went to the conference, well, there was only 4 sessions you had time to go to, but we spotlight about 14 different sessions so you hopefully will have an opportunity to hear about some other neat things going on. Each session spotlighted follows the same format: Carla and Rhett will talk about what is coming up, you’ll hear a sound bite from the presenter, and finally a brief interview with an attendee of that session. Lots of great info in here! Thanks for joining us!

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