I Love Smore! And No, Not The Treat….

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Today’s blogging challenge: What tech tool are you loving these days? Why?

Whenever I get asked the question, “What’s your favorite tool?”, I always sigh.  Is it because I’m a tech geek that I have difficulty answering that question?  Probably so.  But it is always such a hard question for me!  So I mostly have to drop the multiple names in a random name selector and have it make that choice.

So today’s choice is Smore!  Smore allow you to quickly create great-looking webpages. It boasts of creating online flyers, but it’s way more than that. To me “flyer” implies that you’re creating a single-use PDF and posting it online. Smore’s flyers are not single-use PDFs….they are alive!   The Smore flyers can include so many different media types:  images, embedded links, even video! Creating and making changes  is super easy because it’s pretty much just drag and drop.

They’ve recently created the “Educator Hive” that provides educator examples that can be viewed, adapted and/or remixed!  It just launched last week and they already have or 500 submissions!

Smore could be a great way for extracurricular clubs, teams, or school organization to build simple announcement pages and/or share updates and featured news.

I use Smore for many things, including the weekly DCSD Tech Tidbits newsletter that I share with our entire district once a week.  Since my format stays the same and I just add different information, I just duplicate the one from the previous week to prepare for the one that will be shared out next week.  I also embed them on my blog.  You can find old copies here.

Earlier this year, I used it to highlight activities completed during Digital Learning Day.

So although I will never refuse a piece of graham crackered, chocolate marshmallowy goodness – you can definitely see why this Smore is my favorite!

Until the next time,