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Today is Day 2 of the South Carolina Midlands Summit.  I had an amazing time presenting on yesterday – I always do.  But as I left yesterday, I thought….I might not come back.  Not because the conferences isn’t awesome….it TOTALLY IS.  But because I realized this morning that I had the wrong mindset.

Credit:  SC Midlands Summit

Credit: SC Midlands Summit

Before I talk about me, I definitely want to rave about this conference that is hosted yearly by the Richland 2 school district.  With over 135 presenters/sessions….almost anything in the tech world that you want to know about; will be shared here.  From Blendspace to Formative Assessments to using Boards through Discovery Education to using Google Maps to create an educational interactive Amazing Race…this conference is AMAZING!  It is well designed and since Richland 2 is a GAFE district it can answer questions to all things Google!

Here’s what was wrong with MY THINKING: Yesterday I approached the conference as a teacher concerned about myself.  I looked at sessions and dismissed them because I didn’t see how they would be beneficial to me as a teacher.  And then I realized……I’M NOT A TEACHER ANYMORE!  I’m going to be working with ALL teachers (not just ELA teachers or middle school teachers) and even administrators.  I’m going to need to increase my skill set so that I can better serve the teachers and administrators in our district.

So this morning, I got up and got ready to make that drive back to Columbia today.  I woke up with a different mindset – the mindset that I will need to have in order to transform thinking and learning in my district.

This new job….my dream job….is going to be a huge undertaking.  But I’m up for the challenge!

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