Finishing Strong! with (The Giver)

finish strong

We have only a few weeks with kids and I can hardly wait!  I love my kids – love them to death…..but WE need a break from each other!  I suppose I’m getting on their nerves just as they’re getting on mine! Because I was 100% positive that if I heard “Are we doing work today?”  I was going to have a nervous breakdown and start running and screaming down the hall.

It’s our fault I suppose….all year long we stress to  the students that what we’re doing will make them better readers and writers – but due to the stress the states puts on us we follow it up with, “This will get you ready for PASS!  You need to get ready for PASS!” like that standardized test is the golden brass ring that is the end all – be all. *scoff*  So once PASS is over and we realize that we have three more weeks of school left……Oh…..My…..God!

After the left test was done, I received incredulous looks from students who didn’t believe my answer of “Work” when they asked me what we’re doing today.  Thankfully, I saved the best for last this year……The Giver!


In my opinion, The Giver is the granddaddy of all dysotopian novels.  If you’ve never read it, stop what you’re doing and read it right now!

The kids absolutely loved it! Especially when I paired it with mew best engaging tool….Kahoot!


Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system.  As a teacher you can create your own “quiz” or browse from the thousands that are already available on the website.  Students put in a pin using any mobile device (tablet, phone, computer, etc) and you’re good to go.

My kids absolutely {{puffy}} heart love Kahoot!  Just the thought of a Kahoot on the horizon causes them to come in silently, get right to work, pay attention, and work HARD!  Just take a look at them!

kahoot crazy

To see the excitement on their faces was all I needed.  The movie comes out August 15th and my kids have seen the previews.  When they look at me with looks of disdain and say “But, it’s in COLOR!” – my heart dances!  Oh I can’t wait!

Until the next time,


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