Give Me 1….2…..3! {20 Day Blogging Challenge}

student hand

Picture this:  You’re in the middle of a direct instruction lesson.  As you’re teaching your heart out…..working you’re butt off you look to see a student raise their hand in the air.  You think, “Yes!  An inquisitive student wants to expound more on what I’m saying!”…..only to have the student ask, “Can I got to the bathroom?” *spfizzzz* (That’s the sound of the balloon in your chest deflating…..)

In order to save myself from that heart breaking experience ever again, I found the perfect management tool.  Students raise a certain finger to ask a certain question.  That way at a glance I can address it – sometimes without even speaking!

Now of course you know that nothing is ever “brand new” anymore, I found this as I was perusing my favorite playground….the internet.  But I’ve tweaked it to make it my own for my classroom.

1 finger – Pencil Issues (need one, sharpen, eraser)

2 fingers – Classroom movement (Get a book, blow my nose, hand sanitizer)

2 fingers crossed – Bathroom (Don’t you think that’s cute?  Like you cross your legs when you have to go really bad.

3 fingers – I need help with my work.

I have the signs posted onto the wall in the front, and students also have a copy glued into their ISN.



Like I said, no more heart break for me! What management tool do you use to find out what your students need?

Until the next time,BCbutton


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  1. I did this in my classroom last year, but it was super confusing for the kids because the numbers and meanings weren’t consistent in each classroom (because that was too much work??). Anyway, I did a blog post about this (You can find it in my Teaching Tips section) about using sign language instead. There’s no confusion with sign language, AND students gain a skill they can use outside the classroom!

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