Thirteen in ’13

I was doing some Bloglovin’ perusing when I found this “Thirteen by ’13” post from Katie at  “mind sparks“.  She traced it back to Kristen at “A Teeny Tiny Teacher“!  And I thought….why not? It’s always a good thing to be reflective….so here it is!

13 in 13


infiity scarf

I’ve always been a lover of scarves….but my addiction right now are infinity scarves!  There’s just something about a scarf that warms the whole body up.



My mom and I snuck away from all the Christmas festivities (and the Lakers/Heat game) to watch this amazing movie.  Amazing…that’s all I can say.  Mama and I couldn’t help but compare South Africa’s struggle to the Civil Rights movement.  How far ahead of us the native South Africans were, but how much longer it took them to overcome…..daunting……


scandal rain

Courtesy of

Is there any other show?  I’ve been a Gladiator since Day One!  Love me some Olitz!  But of course as my friend says….”Fitz and Olivia can’t ever be together, because Fitz (as Carl) killed Sam”. 🙁





A local restaurant, Red Bone Alley, is definitely my favorite!  My hubby doesn’t like to eat there, so we ALWAYS go there for “Ladies Lunch”!  They have the best shrimp and grits around, plus a shrimp curry meal to die for.  The best part?  They have a children’s section and ice cream for the kiddos!  Since my DD always eats Zaxby’s when we go, she has a ball playing while my girls and I are laughing and talking!




Hmm….I’ve been stuck in a rut lately…..  This is eye-opening…..I can’t even think of a new FOOD I’ve tried!  Oh, that gonna change people…..that’s DEFINITELY going to change. 





All of the wonderful gifts from my kiddos!  I work at a high poverty school, so I know that these children really had to be thinking of me to receive a gift!



Our school is becoming a HPLC (High Progress Literacy Classroom) and this is a great idea to let students know today’s schedule as well as “lull time” or “early finishers” options.


My favorite blog post for this year would have to be the one where I highlighted my first self-created Interactive Student Notebook lesson.  It uses my favorite Flocabulary video “On Trial” and introduces key skill vocabulary that my students will encounter over and over again.  It’s sold quite well in my TpT store, too! 🙂



Opening my TpT store and having a little success!  Of course I’m not raking in any big bucks, but it’s enough to handle those subscriptions coming out of my PayPal account! 🙂



That’s my world right there!  My hubs and DD make me smile every single time!  Well, almost….lol!  And see that cutie in the middle?  She didn’t talk until she was three years old because of her Autism.  It was such a struggle for us to come to terms with….made us really reevaluate what was important…. And now, this girl is bringing home Honor Roll report cards from her REGULAR 2nd grade classroom!


When my students last year came up with this awesome song remix to prepare students for our yearly standardized test.  They did an AMAZING job!




My goal for 2014 is to be a better me.  There are so many things I want to be better at…..patience, organization, thoughtfulness, health, my relationship with God… bit by bit, one tiny sliver at a time, I plan to be a better me!


My word is:


Because that’s my goal EVERY SINGLE DAY! To inspire the wonderful kiddos that I am blessed to work with.  Because when I inspire THEM to be better, I inspire myself just a little bit more….

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