Book Reviews….Video Style!

We all know this…..if you wanna get better at something you have to practice!  We want our students to be better reader and writers so we try to find ways to make them read and write!  Oh, what cruel and unusual punishment we put upon these children! Ha!

At my previous school, where I had 90 minutes to teach reading and writing, my students read 20 minutes a day in class.  We also used Accelerated Reader to keep track of reading as well as encourage students to read.  At my new school, we have 55-60 minutes a day (so there’s no way we can read 20 minutes a day) AND no AR! 🙁

So students are required to read one fiction and one non-fiction book and then complete a  book review or report on it.  This time, students completed  a Tellagami movie on their non-fiction book report.  Here is an example:

A few students have lost their iPad privileges due to inappropriate usage, so I thought, “Why not put that green screen to use?” Here is an example of  a green screen video:

I’m pretty proud of my kiddos!

Until the next time,


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    • Thanks so much! We’re very blessed to have a supportive principal and district office technology staff. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you admin will see the value in what the kids can do with these tools.

    • Thanks, Kim! I know that your kids will love both ideas. And FYI: I found out that my yellow bulletin board worked really good for a green screen effect as well!

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