Saturday Snapshots! {Linky Party – August 3rd}

Yes, I know I’m late…..but I’m just finding out about “Run! Miss Nelson’s Got The Camera!” Snapshot Saturday!  And I looooooove to take snapshots! 🙂

Just ask a former student:

Saturday Snapshots


I was lucky enough to spend a small portion of my vacation in Montreal, Canada for a sorority conference.  Although I was there for a conference, we were able to enjoy our stay there.

We were on a tiny plane...whew!

We were on a tiny plane…whew!

My mother and I traveled together and met my aunt from California there.  We had a very peaceful plane trip, but I was surprised that both planes were so small!  Like three seats per row small!

A few of my chapter members!

A few of my chapter members!

I was a presenter at the conference and it went over very well!  I got awesome reviews!! 🙂  Here’s a pic of me with a few of my chapter members!

Olympic Stadium

What a view!

We were able to break away from the grind of sorority business to explore Montreal.  We took the 2-hour double decker bus tour.  If you look in the far distance, you’ll see the Olympic stadium! Canadian Sweet Frog!

Yeh… Canadian Sweet Frog!

Montreal has a HUGE underground mall.  Surprisingly, most of the shops are the same as here.  I also found a yogurt shop similar to my Sweet Frog….Yeh!

All White Affair

All White Affair

Here’s a pic of Auntie, me and Mama!  My Mama has been in our sorority for 50 years…..that makes her Golden!

Like I said, although we were there for work, we had an amazing time!  Next time we’ll make sure to visit Quebec City – I’ve heard that it’s awesome.

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