We Have A Winner! We Have A Winner!


Every time I hear that phrase, I think of The Five Heartbeats….you know where they perform in the beginning of the movie and Eddie King, Jr. was running from those thugs? He runs into the club, slides on the floor and begins singing “I Got Nothing But Love For You, Baby”? They kill it but at the end of the show the announcer says, “We have a winner! We have a winner! Flash and the Ebony Sparks!”? Do you know the scene I’m talking about? If not, go watch The Five Heartbeats RIGHT NOW!

But I digress…..seeing as I’m new at rafflecopter aaannnnd instead of one choosing one winner…..I chose two. Those lucky winners are:

Bloglovin Rafflecopter



So here’s the deal……instead of 1 prize – there are now TWO!

#1 – $10 Amazon Gift Card

#2 – Anything from my TpT store

If that’s your name on the winner’s board, please contact me with your choice of prize!  You can email me at mrsjeff2u@gmail.com or leave a comment on the blog with your choice and your email. First come – first served!

Until the next time,


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