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My blogging buddy, Allison, over at Eberopolis shared this awesome resource which was originally posted over at OnlineUniversities.  I thought that it was absolutely amazing, and I just had to share it!  16 years ago when I started teaching, I had one desktop computer in my classroom (which was for my use only).  Four years later I purchased our school’s first laptops for teachers in our 21st Century grant, one projector, one document camera, and our very first SMARTboard.  By that time we also had one computer lab that teachers could sign up for once a week.  Now each teacher has a laptop, each content area teacher has a Promethean board, we have 3 mobile netbook carts and each of our sixth graders will receive their own personal iPad for during school use.  What a difference a day makes!

What do we Know Infographic


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