Picture Books for the First Week of School {Linky Party}

I’m sure I’ve talked about my love for reading. As a student in school, I always got into trouble for reading in class when I should have been doing something else. In high school I would make all of my friends go with me to the library so they could grab enough paperback romance novels to satisfy me for at least a week. As a college student, I would spend traveling time back and forth to school reading….(sometimes even if I was driving….shhhhh). Then came the joy of audiobooks…. 🙂 As a reading teacher, I hope that I have instilled a love of reading in the students I touch year to year. I distinctly remember one of my hard core, all boy boys falling in love with Harry Potter!

Despite the fact that I teach big time middle schoolers, I still love using picture books to teach various skills. That’s why I’m joining up with First Grade and Fabulous for her Picture Books Linky Party. This week’s theme is: Picture Books for The First Days of School.


During the first days of school I use these picture books as an introduction to rules, procedures, and me!

1. First Day Jitters


This book is hilarious and has a surprise ending that the kids don’t see coming! A few years ago, I recorded my nephew reading the book and embedded it and the pictures from the book into a flip chart. I always brag to my students that he was in the fifth grade when he narrated it! 🙂 Students then write about what they’re nervous about this upcoming school year.

2. The Teacher from the Black Lagoon


I use this book to teach procedures and do’s/don’ts. We look at things the children did that upset the monster Mrs. Green to help create our rules for the year.

3. Big Plans


BN synopsis: “I’ve got big plans, BIG PLANS I say!” A little boy sits in the corner of a classroom, plotting his future. He’s got plans…and have you heard? They’re BIG. With the help of a mynah bird and lucky stinky hat, he’ll find a quarter…boss around some muckety-mucks…become the mayor–or even the president! And while he’s at it…fly to the moon!

After I read this book to the class, I have them create their “Big Plans” for the school year.

These are just a few of my favorites. What are your favorites? Link up with First Grade and Fabulous to find others and share yours!

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