Must Have Monday – GradeCam……my new bestie!

I’m linking up with Teaching With a Touch of Twang for her Must Have Monday linky party. This will definitely be the first of many because I have many many “must haves”! 🙂


How many of you are living this life?  Students just finished a quiz/test.  You’re ready to scan the them, but have no idea where the scantron machine is or you don’t even need the scantron machine, because you only had 80 scantrons left and you have 110 students? Are you ready to pull your hair out?  I was! Until I found GradeCam!



GradeCam works similarly to the Scantron machine, except that instead of using an expensive machine, you can scan assignments in my classroom using a camera. We don’t have to purchase forms; we can print forms on plain paper from the app. It also gives you immediate feedback with an item analysis. Here is a video that highlights what GradeCam can do.

If you’re interested, click here to find out more information.

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