My New Mini-Me!

I’m feeling the teensy bit ready for a change, and I decided to start with my signature. During my blog perusing, I stumbled upon Pamela’s blog, Teaching 4 Real, and discovered the greatest jewel.  Crystal a.k.a. the Library Fox or Foxy 🙂 Creates these adorable little mini me’s!  Pamela was giving one away, and although I didn’t win 🙁 I decided I couldn’t live without one.  I’m immediately headed over to Foxy’s TPT store and ordered me one!




I am so excited to display my brand new mini-me!  It has my two favorite techie devices (iPhone and iPad), my bag full of books, and do you see me hanging from a rope?  That’s to represent my “Surviving”….lol….I’m barely hanging on! 🙂 Plus I had her throw in a little pink and green with my pearls to represent my sorority!



I’ve added it to create a brand new blogging signature and will be working on updating it to my header later on this weekend! That Foxy is one talented Mama!  Get it?  Foxy Mama???


Stay tuned…..


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