Tricks of the Trade Thursday: Homework Collection

Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but with the ending of school, I’ve been MIA in the blogosphere.  Jessica at Joy in the Journey is hosting an AWESOME linky party – Tricks of the Trade Thursday and with this week’s subject being Homework Collection….I had to jump in!  I’ll get on track next week!



I am a supporter of homework.  I know how difficult it is to get students to actually complete homework – but I also see the benefits when it connects to current concepts as well as a review of concepts that students have not done well with.  I know that many teachers don’t feel this way, but *shrugging* to each his own.  Besides that, it is required at our school.  So win/win for me!

When I moved to my new school three years ago I went from being responsible for 50 students to 100+ students…..Whoa!  Believe it or not – it makes a HUGE difference!  I also went from having 100 minutes to 55 minutes with students……Double Whoa!  Before, we had 20 minutes of Self-Selected Reading everyday and I could use that time to collect homework It’s taken me three years to come up with something that is workable and I can keep up with.

Students are given a weekly “Homework Sheet” on Monday that isn’t due until Friday.  I got this wonderful idea from our 8th Grade ELA teacher.  She does it for the entire 9 weeks, but sixth graders can barely keep up with assignments week to week! 🙂 It is in three parts:  reading that focuses on concepts, writing/grammer, and independent reading.


Although it isn’t due until Friday, I still check daily to make sure they’re on track.  On Monday, I use PowerTeacher to create a roster that highlights the homework outlined for the week.  I have a student in each class period that checks off on the clipboard and I use Class Dojo to award points for those students who are on track.  I also have them stamp on the assignment as an additional incentive.


On Friday, students staple the Homework sheet to the loose-leaf paper that they’re required to complete the assignments on and turn it in to me.  Students who do not have their homework lose Class Dojo points and are given a Missing Homework slip that is completed by the student and signed by the parent.


They complete both sides and I cut the slip in half.  I keep one and attached it to the signed parent one after it’s brought back.  Each part is a separate grade and I average the three grades to given them a Weekly Homework Average.  Students that have a stamp for every assignment get an additional $5 in Jefferson’s Bucks.

Students are also required to write their homework down in their agenda daily.  As their ticket out the door, I stamp their agenda.

If you’re interested, you can click here to download the Missing Homework Slip from my Teacher’s Notebook Store.

Until the next time!