Green Screen…..Activated!

If you remember, my principal gave me the go ahead at the end of last year to paint a portion of my wall green. At first, I thought that the district workers would do it…..but ummmmm….no, it didn’t work out that way.

At the beginning of the school year I did some research, bought the paint, and a wonderful co-worker painted my wall for me. And there is has been untouched…..all year…..until now!

Half-way painted wall

Half-way painted wall


My social studies partner had our students create music video based on content that they’d learned this school year.  Some of them did an AMAZING job!  I suggested that we switch classrooms so that she could use the green wall (I mean, somebody should get some use out of it, right?)  After she finished videoing the kids she asked me, “So what do we do now?”  Ummmm yeah, hadn’t thought that far yet…

Since we actually had something to work with, I did some researching.  We found a program that did pretty much we wanted (and did I mention we didn’t really know what we wanted anyway?), so my partner purchased it.  The first thing we realized was that the wall wasn’t big enough…. Here’s a pic of a FABULOUS group with the original shoot.




See the bookshelf in the video?  Ummmm yeah….not enough green…..

With the iTEL pilot, each of the teachers received a MacBook Pro along with the iPad.  Somewhere I’d heard that I could use iMovie to create videos with the green screen effect.  I searched….and I searched…..I looked at the help section again….and again….and again….and finally!  I found what I was looking for.  Here is the video that I created using iMovie.

See the bookcase? Ummmm yeah….not enough green….

The software we purchased will allow us to import photos, but as far as I know, iMovie will not. When I created this video, I found a video off YouTube, imported it in, and then reduced the sound. Then I remembered that an awesome teacher, Sean Avery (Check out his blog here), had given me information for video loops that he uses for his videos. Movietools offers various resources that will help with created polished videos.

So on the last day of school, I asked the kids to come up with a “Top 10″…in like two hours….and they did it! Check out my babies on this one!

Despite the fact that it took me aaaaaaalllllll year to get it together…..I have it together! Now all these plans are swirling in my head. I can’t wait!

Until the next time!