Spark Student Motivation: Student Passes

I’ve been out of town all weekend at my sorority conference (and I had a blast!), but I can’t NOT link up to Joanne’s linky party.

With middle school students it is ALL about extrinsic motivation.  So often, I hear teachers say, “I shouldn’t HAVE to reward them to learn”….blah, blah, blah.  I laugh and say, “You wouldn’t work without pay would you?”

As an incentive to do well on assessments, I provide students with various passes (Homework, Bonus Points, and Missed Assignment).

5 Bonus Points Pass

Students can earn these passes by making A’s or B’s on assessments or meeting their MAP goals.  I also hand them out when only a few students remember a particular situation, skill, or concept that is a review.

These passes are FREE in my Teacher’s Notebook Store.  Click on the link here to find them.

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  1. You’re so cute Carla! I’m glad you didn’t skip my party! I guess it was a busy weekend for all-4 people linked up today! I’m so glad you motivate those middle schoolers-they need it more than anyone! And, I love your comeback for teachers!

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