By George, I Think I’ve Got It!

It’s been 10 weeks and I’ve still been struggling with my self-selected reading time. At the beginning of the year I created “book bags” for each student. I put the books bags in a bin behind each zone for the students that sit there. But I teach 107 students in four periods, and the bags were being thrown in the bin, and it was taking forever of the kids to get their bag, etc, etc, etc…..

After many different attempts to organize the “book bins” I finally solved my problem. We were provided with hundreds of Target bags last year and they had hardly been touched. Eureka! I hooked those babies on the back of a desk and voila! It is now a storage space. My sweet children will only have to reach behind them to grab their bag and begin the glorious process of self selected reading!

Problem solved….meltdown averted…sanity preserved….that is until I change my mind again…..

Till the next time!



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