Happy Labor Day and my September Currently….

Happy Labor Day, friends! After two FULL weeks of school, I am totally enjoying this day off – which really won’t be a day off – but at least I won’t be on my feet for seven hours straight.

The hubby is off running errands and my daughter is periodically checking in with me to see if I’m ready to cook her pancakes, so I know this idllyic period of bed resting is quickly coming to an end.

I plan to finish my lesson plans, enter grades, and work on Teacher of the Year invites today.  All from the comfort of my couch or my bed.  On the home front, clothes will need to be washed, dried, and ironed for the rest of week (which lately I’ve been really good at) and dinner made (which lately has NOT been happening).

So I’ve linked up with Farley from Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade  for the September Currently and here it is…

My mama is the best!  Somehow she got us tickets to hear President Obama give his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.  Charlotte is only a couple of hours away so this was perfect for us.  I will definitely miss the kiddos on Thursday (well, probably not), but it’s an opportunity that I could not miss!  Got my red jacket all picked out….now I need to figure out what else will go with it….

I am so proud of my daughter! She was diagnosed with autism when she turned three and we have been really apprehensive about what her educational progress would be life. I am so proud to say that she is in the 1st grade and thriving wonderfully! She is in a regular education placement with resource services. Last week was our first week of homework (which I have been dreading) and she did an awesome job. She is reading and comprehending and she is an awesome speller. I also am totally completely in love with her first grade teacher. We have two HUGE things in common: 1. She is a workaholic and 2. She is addicted to pinterest. She stays in contact with me and does everything she can to help my baby girl. Not to say that her other teachers weren’t great because they were, it’s just that we knew first grade was going to be such a big step and are soooooo happy about it.

Now, I can go on and on (and on ) about the staff that I work with – and I guess I will! 🙂 I know part of the reason is because I work at such a small school, and smaller schools have a better chance at thriving that way. But it’s more than that.  Every single person in my building wants to do what’s best for children.  Point Blank!  And that’s what makes us such an awesome group.

And my last addictions….Sonic and Cookout.  These addictions are going to have to be put under control because I am changing my lifestyle!  In the past, I had discovered a love for running – one that I plan to take up again.  I’ve joined a running groups and will also begin with my individual workouts again.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day holiday – I definitely plan to.

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