My First Award!

I’ve been blogging for two years now, but it took me just that same amount of time to create my personal/professional blog. But now, I can’t believe I waited so long. My online community has grown so much in just these few days and I’ve won my very first award! 🙂

Donna from Working 5 to 9 has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! *doing the happy dance despite the fact that my family thinks I’m corny*

In accepting the One Lovely Blog Award, I have the following responsibilites:

  • Follow the person who gave me the award….
  • Link back to the person who gave me the award….
  • Pass this award on to 15 new bloggers!

So here are the awardees for MY One Lovely Blog Award (Well actually the first five)! Drum Roll, please!!

1. Fantastic Fifth Grade

2. Blessings of Teaching

3. Fabulous and Fun Fourth Graders

4. Young Daze In Fifth Grade

5. Splish! Splash!

Here are #’s 6-10

6. The Loop

7. Fourth Grade Fanatics

8. Stories from a Second Grade Classroom

9. A Day In First Grade

10. Fifth is Fabulous

Here’s more….

11. Teach, Love, Happiness

12. Wild About Fifth Grade

13. Cooperative Learning 365

Stay tuned….

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