Sixth Grade Transition Academy

Let me just say it right now – I LOVE my principal!  He is kind, supportive, intelligent, and always wants to do wants to do what’s best for children.  My principal is a super hero!  He protects his staff from dangers that we don’t even see.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my principal!  Now what does that have to do with my post?  I’ll tell you.

I have spent 14 out of my 15 years of education in middle school.  I love it!  In both districts that I’ve worked with, 6th grade is a part of the middle school concept.  I recognize the challenges that come with moving from elementary to middle school:  lockers *gasp*, changing classes *gasp*, and keeping up with all the materials that their six teachers give them *scream*!   Last year we had a bad as all get out slightly challenging group.  They were very imature and couldn’t keep up with a single, solitary thing!  Hence the idea of a transition camp.  What better idea could we have then to bring them in for a few days, let them meet their teachers, practice their schedule, and work with their locker?.  It would give us some time to talk about organization as well as introduce them to school and classroom expectations before the “upperclassmen” got there.

My principal was on board from the very  beginning.  We told him we would volunteer our time, make do with whatever we had, to get to show on the road.  He told us he would make it happen – and boy did he ever.  Our students will receive a great bulk of the materials they will need for their core classes (binders, pocket folders, tab dividers, and paper), lunch and a snack, a T-shirt, and he is providing transportation!

Transition Academy School Supplies

We are so freaking excited!  One of my team teachers and I went shoppping today for some of the materials that we could cheaper by going directly to the store and the others were over the internet.  It is our hope that the camp will alleviate some of the anxiety felt by students and parents over their big jump to middle school.  Stay tuned to hear how everything goes…

I would love to hear of anyone else who has done something similiar.  Drop a few pearls of wisdom my way…. 🙂

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