#dcsdtransforms Episode 28 – The New Year In Review

OH NOOOOO!!!!! This is it folks! The last #dcsdtransforms podcast of the school year (minus a couple of special editions at tech conferences this summer). So we decided to take a trip down memory lane and highlight all the amazing transformations that have taken place this school year. We give shoutouts to some special groups of people. THANK YOU, our loyal listeners for being just that…loyal listeners. It is because of you that we continue this podcast. We look forward to what 2016-17 has in store for DCSD! Cheers!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 27 – The Ghost In Rhett’s House

Hey Everyone! Thanks for joining us for a great episode. We have Story Lines, the “app-a-year” plan, and the “kitchen sink” plan for integrating technology next school year. We also give shoutouts to our Schoology Pioneers and a teacher from SJE. Also, stay tuned after the episode to hear the tall tale of the ghost in Rhett’s house – we report, you decide…LIVE! Was there really a ghost at the time of recording behind Rhett’s house. Comment and let us know!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 26: Why Do They Call It A Honey Badger?

Honey badgers may not care, but we care that you are listening to this week’s episode of #dcsdtransforms. Thank you for joining us! This week we are showcasing Joe Zoo and Pages as our cool tools this week. Our shoutouts go to Julie Hanlin at CES, Hanna Hanlin and Laqueta Johnson at PES, and Renia Paul, Zakiyyah Stroman, Tanya Bunn, and Julie Weigand at DHS. Join us this week to hear Carla’s reaction to the honey badger. And we have some really good info about Midlands Tech Summit and the Upstate Technology Conference!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 25: The Twenty-Fifth Episode Edition!

Wow! Can you believe it? We just published our 25th episode!!! And because this is a milestone, we thought it only fitting to take a break from the routine to bring you a 2 on 1 interview with an amazing educator in DCSD. Who is this mystery guest? You’ll have to listen to find out. So please join us this week as we get to know our guest a little bit better, find out more about the history of our digital transformation, and get a sneak peek into the vision for our students down the road. Thank you for joining us and making this podcast a reality! It is because of you, our loyal listeners, that we have reached 25 episodes and have no interest in slowing down.

#dcsdtransforms Episode 23: New Titles for Everybody!

Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of #dcsdtransforms. This week we are featuring two webtools – No Red Ink and a random group generator. You’ll hear reference to a link in the show notes to the random group generator. This is it: http://www.aschool.us/random/random-pair.php. Shout outs this week go to the DMS Exceptional Education Department and to Emily Maloney of HMS. Thanks for listening, as always, it’s a good day to have a good day!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 22 – Rhett is SO Smart.

Hey everyone and welcome to an exciting episode of #dcsdtransforms! This week we are showcasing a cool new update to Quizlet and a great free website for global news called Unfiltered News. Our shoutouts this week go to Dr. Bert Guerry of the DCIT, Brian O’Neal of DHS, Brittany Hamilton of SMS, and April McPherson of HMS. Thanks for joining us! Enjoy the show!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 21: Why NOT to do a Podcast in a School – A Case Study in Interruptions

Hello and thank you for tuning in for another edition of #dcsdtransforms. This week, we are going to give shoutouts to Michael Neumire at DMS and Rhonda Bailey and the teachers of WHE. Our amazing apps are Snapchat and a whole host of tools used as random name generators (for things such as cold calling). There is also a special presentation after the episode from Carla about her experience at the Ron Clark Academy. You DO NOT want to miss it! This week, Carla and Rhett had to do their podcast again via Google Hangouts Live, but Rhett was in his school – had to contend with a few interruptions, so apologies if the episode doesn’t flow very well this week.

#dcsdtransforms Episode 20: How NOT to Cancel a Hotel Room

Welcome back for another exciting episode of #dcsdtransforms! This week, we will be showcasing the Replay app and Keynote. Our shoutouts go to Sandra White at DCIT and Ruth Taylor at MHS. We also are thrilled to give a long distance shoutout to Justin Schleider who listens to our podcast all the way from the great state of New Jersey! Thanks for listening, Justin!

#dcsdtransforms Episode 19: Better Late than Never

We promise to get this episode to you every Thursday, but we never promised a time – so how about 10:45 PM Thursday night? Better late than never, eh? This week, we are sharing iMovie and Google Sites. Our shout-outs go to Mindy Kimrey of DHS and Brittany Adams, Wardie Sanders, and Jonathan Skaris of HHS. We’d love for you to join us this week for some good tech conversations!