A Lesson Worth Remembering {#EdSlowChat – June 14}

This week’s #EDSlowChat question of the week is:  “What is a personal profound/meaningful learning experience from this last school year? I would have to say that I have learned that a little “positiveness” goes a long way!  I guess I wouldn’t say that it’s newly acquired knowledge; but through gamification, Class Dojo, and Social Media, I was able to put a shine on my students’ hard work that made a huge transformation in my classroom.  

This year I decided to gamify my classroom.  Using Class Dojo (@classdojo) and materials created by Chris Aviles (@TechedUpTeacher), I found an awesome combination!  Creating a leaderboard and allowing students to check it regularly created quite the competitiveness in my classroom.  I used combination of grades and dojo points to make up the leaderboard, so it forced students to work hard in both academics and behavior expectations.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.02.14 AM

Classroom Leaderboard

I also used Class Dojo Messenger to send immediate pics to parents showing their child at work.  What I’ve always known is that if a parent believes that you care for their child and that you are a fair minded person – when it’s time to make a tough call; they’re much more receptive. I got so excited when a parent responded it immediately – mostly with a positive message for their child.  When I showed the kid the note….they would GRIIIIIN…..so hard! *I hope you could hear my southern dialect in that word. 🙂IMG_4129

Facebook and Instagram became a place to highlight great student work.  This year, I created the A Club.  Students who made an A on an assessment got to be in a group photo that I shared on Facebook and Instagram.  Once students saw themselves (or their peers!) on those social media site, it made them work that much harder to ensure they were in the next picture.


I also implemented an 85% AR Club.  Students who passed a minimum of 1 fiction and 1 nonfiction tests per month with an 85% average or better were treated to something every month.  My principal paid for subs, pizza, and ice cream for those students.  I didn’t initiate this incentive until February – and every month the number of awardees DOUBLED!

It’s funny how you can know something to be right….but just somehow not do it.  And although I’m transiting to a new position and will no longer be in the classroom, these are still things that I can do with the teachers that I’ll be working with.  Make it fun….make it competitive….make it positive!  

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