Currently September!

It’s Currently time! Farley at Oh Boy, 4th Grade‘s linky party is the greatest way to kick off a new month.



The fam and I had a great time at the beach this weekend so I’m appreciative that we have today off.  I literally almost fell off the piano bench at church because I was so tired….lol.

2013-08-31 15.30.29


The kids are doing some AWESOME things with the iPads!  Of course, you never know what will happen until you get them, so we’ve got like iPads with 25 Spongebob pics…, but we’re getting there.  But it’s only Week 2 and they know how to get documents off Edmodo, work on them, and upload them back to Edmodo….so I’m very happy!

I haven’t done that much with iMovie in the past, but I decided to create a movie trailer for my parents on Open House night, and it was AWESOME!  Check it out here:


Farley’s right!  As teachers we are so used to taking care of others and neglecting ourselves.  I started back running this summer, but since then……NOTHING!  My goal is to walk/jog 30 miles this month.  And I’m eliminating soda from my diet….specifically Coke Zero.  And in order to get those 30 miles in, I need to leave school by 4 at least twice a week.  Wish me luck!

Until the next time,


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    • Thanks! It literally only took me about 30 minutes to get it together. The hardest part was determining what pictures to use and get them on my iPad. After that it’s drop, drop, drop, done!

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